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Welcome to Ann Britt’s and Björn’s blog!

This is our private blog about important and not so important things in our lives. We are both retired, and spend our days with family and  local history research, maintaining our 19th century house and our somewhat wild-grown garden, and in general having a good time. Our close family consists of five children and their spouses, and so far nine grand-children – at times our home is a lively place indeed. And there is a Jack Russel terrier in the family too.

We keep a private website – http:/  and a local history website for Rö parish –

All the websites are mostly in Swedish, so if you don’t read Swedish you’ll have to rely on Google translation, which at times gives you a good laugh.

Swedish is the language of this blog too, of course, but with this small English presentation you’ll at least know what you are missing.

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